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Medi-Cal Explained: New Medi-Cal Services at a Glance (2020–2023)

Since 2020, California has added several new benefits and services for Medi-Cal enrollees. Some of them are part of the CalAIM initiative, and others are new non-specialty mental health services (NSMHS). There are also benefits that establish a new billable provider type.

This fact sheet provides a high-level summary of several of these new services:

  • New services introduced as part of the CalAIM initiative, including Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports
  • New services added to the NSMHS benefit, including psychiatric collaborative care management
  • New services offered through new types of billable providers, such as community health workers and doulas

For each service, the fact sheet includes the following information:

  • A brief description of the service
  • Eligibility criteria for the service
  • Reimbursement information

This Medi-Cal Explained fact sheet is the third in a series published summer 2023.

Medi-Cal Explained: 2024 Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans by County offers county-by-county breakdowns of where managed care plans will operate beginning in 2024.

Medi-Cal Explained: Administration of Non-Specialty Mental Health Services lists all 2024 Medi-Cal managed care plans and indicates how they will cover non-specialty mental health services.

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