Jake, Tina, Bill, and Elena: The Faces of California’s Three Million Uninsured

California is in the midst of an important policy discussion about how to achieve universal coverage. Although the state’s insured rate has risen to 93% under the Affordable Care Act, about three million Californians continue to live without coverage. Through four uninsured characters, the video below explores the major barriers to coverage in 2018  — and what the state can do to help.

Jake in San Mateo can’t afford a plan on Covered California, even with the help of federal ACA premium subsidies, due in large part to the high cost of living in the Bay Area.

Tina and Bill in Fresno earn too much for federal ACA premium subsidies and can’t fit premiums and out-of-pocket costs into their budget, even for the lowest-cost bronze plan on Covered California.

Elena in Los Angeles works full-time and pays taxes. Her income qualifies her for Medi-Cal, but she’s ineligible because she’s undocumented,

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