Publications / Fine Print: Rules for Exchanging Behavioral Health Information in California

Fine Print: Rules for Exchanging Behavioral Health Information in California

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Integration of physical and behavioral health care, which is essential to achieving the triple aim, requires the exchange of sensitive patient information. Health care providers, health plans, and public agencies on all sides of behavioral health integration efforts report difficulties sharing critical information. Challenges include:

  • Cost of adopting and maintaining associated health information technology
  • Federal and state law confidentiality requirements
  • Disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems that do not easily “talk” with one another
  • An entrenched culture of separate systems unaccustomed to working together as one care team

The report describes federal and California laws that control the exchange of behavioral health information. It also profiles three local initiatives that enable sharing of behavioral health data for care coordination and describes lessons learned through these efforts.

Finally, the report offers possible avenues for clarification and interpretation of legal requirements that could facilitate better integration of behavioral and physical health care and information exchange.

The full report is available for download below.

Infographic — Sharing Behavioral Health Information Under Federal and California Law

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