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Podcast: The Nocturnists

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The Nocturnists

Launched in 2018, the Nocturnists started as a live storytelling show for health care workers to share stories of joy, sorrow, and self-discovery. The podcast, hosted by Emily Silverman, MD, features selected stories from their live shows, coupled with intimate conversations.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder in the summer of 2020, The Nocturnists sought to give voice to the experience of Black health care workers. Its audio diary series “Black Voices in Healthcare” highlighted stories of Black pain, Black joy, and Black excellence in medicine.

CHCF was a cofunder of that project and is currently supporting another Nocturne audio diary series, “Stories from a Pandemic: Part II,” which delves into the intense personal experiences of the “murky, middle part of the pandemic” for health care workers.

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