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CIN Resource Page: Providing Care Differently

When a crisis arises, health care organizations are pushed to become even more agile and innovative in delivering care for their patients. Leaders play a key role in managing the significant organizational change a crisis imposes in order to provide effective care for their patients and members. These changes include leveraging technology, new modes of operation and planning in care delivery, as well as effective management to ensure the safety and well-being of staff.

This page provides resources and tools for a deeper understanding of how health care organizations are innovating and providing care differently during a health crisis.

Resources listed on this page reflect the focus and interests of CIN partner meetings and will be periodically updated. They are organized reverse chronologically.

Shifts in Care Delivery During a Crisis and Emerging Care Models

Policy Brief: Telehealth Transformation During the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic of 2019-2020 (PDF)
This report offers a brief review of how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted this network of community health centers and their transformation of primary care delivery in the face of this crisis. (Health Center Partners, Oct. 2020)

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Altered Population Health Management, Creating New Opportunities for Outreach
Profile on two community health centers: The Los Angeles Department of Health Services and Bay Area Community Health working to ensure that their patients receive the medical and social care necessary to withstand the pandemic and beyond. (Center for Care Innovations, Sept. 2, 2020)

Kids Still Need Shots to Enroll in School. Golden Valley Offered Drive-Through Vaccines
Article on Golden Valley Health Centers drive-through vaccines to help children catch up on their vaccines, as immunization visits have fallen by about 40% since the start of the pandemic. (Chrisanna Mink, Modesto Bee, Aug. 2020)

Leadership: Leveraging Digital Solutions to Managing the COVID-19 Crisis
Insights into how healthcare organizations are rethinking communication with their patients and members by leveraging technology to address their workforce challenges and the rapidly changing environment. (Healthcare IT News, July 2020)

What Will U.S. Health Care Look Like After the Pandemic?
A review of how health care systems are adapting to meet the needs of COVID-19 and which of these strategies should remain beyond the current crisis. (Robert S. Huckman, Harvard Business Review, Apr. 2020)

How Health Care Evolves in Crisis

What One Health Care CEO is Learning from the Pandemic
Seven lessons from a family medicine physician in Salt Lake City on treating patients during the pandemic whose needs grow beyond their medical care. (Marc Harrison, Harvard Business Review, July 2020)

Leading Beyond the Crisis: What Leaders Should Know
A case for investing in leadership to ensure a responsive system of care during crisis and beyond. (Sunita Mutha, June 2020)

Pandemic Playbook: What Health Care Leaders Can Learn from Management Research
This article and podcast outlines five strategies, written by health care management professors, for health care leaders to follow as they work to manage through a chaotic, uncertain environment that this crisis has created. (Wharton Business Daily, May 2020)

From “Wartime” to “Peacetime”: Five Stages for Healthcare Institutions in the Battle Against COVID-19
Five stages that leaders must navigate as they combat the real time healthcare crisis on the front lines while building high-functioning teams to provide effective care over the long term. (Shubham Singhal et al., McKinsey & Co., Apr. 2020)

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