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CIN Podcast — Health Strategies Radio

Health Strategies Radio is a podcast from the California Improvement Network. The initial episodes focus on effective ways to establish partnerships between health care providers and community-based organizations (CBOs) that offer housing, nutrition, and transportation services to patients.

You will hear real-life struggles and triumphs from the people doing the work and gain ideas for addressing social needs that impact health with your own partners. As health care delivery organizations increasingly screen and refer patients to CBOs, alignment of their efforts for screening and referral is essential. Without successful partnerships between health care organizations and CBOs, patients can be left with unmet needs and struggle to navigate the complicated process of finding the right services. This podcast series highlights successes, challenges, and ideas for how to ensure patients are receiving adequate support.

As CIN is a learning and action network, we hope that as you listen you will consider what you can apply to your work, and identify at least one action you can take to advance your partnerships.


  • Episode 1: Collaborating to Address Community Needs (3/30/2021)
    Partnerships are a lot like relationships; they require constant attention and nurturing. This episode shares a partnership between Neighborhood Healthcare and Interfaith Community Services, which have collaborated for over 25 years to offer their patients a wide variety of services. Hear the candid discussion between Rakesh Patel, chief executive officer at Neighborhood Healthcare, and Greg Anglea, executive director at Interfaith Community Services, about how the depth of this partnership goes beyond the four walls of their colocated spaces. A resource mentioned in this episode: Partnership Agreement Tool for Health (PATH).
  • Episode 2: Addressing Food Insecurity in Los Angeles (3/30/2021)
    According to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, one in four Los Angeles residents faces some level of food insecurity. In this episode, hear about a partnership that delivers healthy food to patients in Los Angeles. Amanda Daigle, project manager at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Joanna Garcia, research associate at AltaMed Health Services, a CIN partner, discuss what it takes to build and maintain a strong partnership to collectively address their patients’ access to healthy food.
  • Episode 3: Medical Legal Partnerships (3/30/2021)
    Medical-legal partnerships integrate the unique expertise of lawyers into health care settings to help providers, case managers, and social workers address structural problems that impact patients. This episode covers the partnership between CIN partner Community Health Center Network and Bay Area Legal Aid. Hear from Jia Min Cheng, senior staff attorney at Bay Area Legal Aid, about her work partnering with the Community Health Center Network to provide patients with legal services and other resources in the community. A resource mentioned in this episode: National Center for Medical Legal Partnership.
  • Episode 4: Applying Your Best Relationship Tools at Work (5/10/2021)
    We establish partnerships to advance work we cannot do on our own, and to drive toward a common goal. This episode covers a more theoretical understanding, and delves into facets of commitment, understanding, and collaboration – topics that are also essential in our personal relationships. Hear Dr. Sunita Mutha, director of Healthforce Center at UCSF and a CIN Managing Partner, discuss ways to develop, deepen, and maintain strong partnerships across and outside the health care system.
  • Episode 5: How to Strengthen Relationships Among Multiple Partners (6/27/2021)
    Gentle persistence is essential to effectively build a strong coalition of partners with shared goals, norms, and language. This episode covers strategies on how to establish coalitions in a rural setting and how drastic changes from the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the course of this work. Listen as CIN partners Rosemary DenOuden, chief executive officer of Humboldt IPA, and Jessica Osborne-Stafsnes, grants and program development director of Humboldt IPA, share effective steps for coordinating efforts among medical providers, law enforcement, probation departments, treatment providers, and community-based organizations.

This podcast series is produced by the California Improvement Network, a learning and action community that advances equitable health care experiences and outcomes for Californians through cross-sector connections, spreading good ideas, and implementing improvements. CIN is a project of the California Health Care Foundation and is managed by Healthforce Center at UCSF.

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