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Care Excellence: Case Management Education

The number of chronically and seriously ill individuals is growing. Americans are living longer, and the workforce is aging, resulting in an urgent need for highly skilled care managers and care coordinators.

California State University’s Institute for Palliative Care has launched Care Excellence, a practical and interactive training program to enhance the skills of care managers and help them meet the needs of large, diverse populations with special and complex requirements. Funded by CHCF and The SCAN Foundation, the Care Excellence curriculum is designed to train care managers from various practice settings.

The health care field sees a growing need for effective care managers. People with childhood trauma, poverty, mental illness, addiction, and/or complex medical conditions often fall through the cracks of disconnected health care systems. Care managers make sure people get what they need when they need it. They help people take charge of their lives and health. Care Excellence was designed to support care managers who are making a difference by working with people instead of diseases, coaching instead of directing, and helping people focus on what is most important, right now, to build health and well-being.

Designed and written by industry experts, researchers, practicing care managers, and health plan representatives, the Foundational and Advanced Concepts series of courses are offered online as interactive, self-paced modules. A four-course Leadership training series offers mentorship and coaching from experienced case management leaders and peer interaction through in-person meetings.

Care Excellence was conceived and is housed within the California State University Institute for Palliative Care, a leader in online and in-person education for current professionals and tomorrow’s health care workforce. Care Excellence courses and modules will be available on a cascading basis starting in May 2016, with all curricula completed and available by May 2017.

A flyer for the leadership course is available as a Document Download below.

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