CHCF Invests in Seamless Medical Systems

Investment supports tailoring and testing of SNAP Practice software with community health centers in California

The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) today announced a $375,000 investment in Seamless Medical Systems, whose software enables health care providers to replace clipboards full of paper forms with a low-cost digital registration and communication platform.

Seamless’s SNAP® Practice software turns a standard iPad® into a seamless way to collect information from patients and import it into an electronic health record (EHR) or other practice management system. As patients check in for appointments, they are given a SNAP Practice-enabled iPad to enter demographics and clinical history, provide consent, and complete screening questions, risk assessments, and satisfaction surveys. The software also allows practices to provide personalized health education to patients, delivering engaging information on prevention, treatment adherence, and wellness.

“In a typical appointment, patients are asked to complete numerous forms and provide tons of information, and all of this data needs to be manually entered by staff who are already short on time,” said David J. Perez, founder and CEO of Seamless Medical Systems. “By capturing information digitally, rather than on paper, SNAP Practice automates the assimilation of front-office data into your back-office care management system, accurately and efficiently.”

“CHCF invested in Seamless Medical Systems because we believe that the system can help community health centers improve patient experience and meet the increasing patient volume resulting from coverage expansion,” said Margaret Laws, director of CHCF’s Innovations for the Underserved program. “We’ve spoken to community health centers across the country, and they have all voiced the need for efficiency-improving technologies that automate intake, risk assessment, and surveying. Seamless does all three.”

This is the second investment to result from the Partnering for Impact initiative, a collaborative effort by CHCF and The Kresge Foundation to identify, develop, and invest in technology and service companies that can help community health centers improve health care access, efficiency, and affordability. The Partnering for Impact initiative will invest at least $5 million in several companies over three years. (Applications are still being accepted.)

The Kresge Foundation invested an additional $375,000 in Seamless through its social investment practice. Foundation funds will support development to tailor the product to the needs of safety-net providers and patients, as well as pilot testing and an evaluation of the system in community health centers in California and at least one other state.

About Seamless Medical Systems, Inc.

Seamless Medical Systems is the creator of the SNAP Practice a unique, mobile enterprise patient communications platform. The platform seamlessly exchanges patient data between EMR and practice management systems, verifies insurance, collects payments and delivers personalized health education and marketing to healthcare consumers, at the point of care and beyond the office setting. For more information, visit

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