Improving care coordination between primary care and behavioral health providers

Date Awarded: December 12, 2017
Amount: $700,000.00

More than two-thirds of people with mental illness also have at least one medical condition. Yet those two health issues are typically treated in separate, siloed systems that are difficult for patients to navigate and often result in fragmented care delivery. This challenge disproportionately affects Medicaid enrollees, who are more than twice as likely as the general population to have a mental illness.

CHCF has invested in a promising solution: Quartet, a health technology company whose digital platform creates a more seamless connection between clinical and behavioral health systems. The support that the platform offers — including electronic patient referrals, real-time consults, patient tracking, and information exchange — is critical for primary care providers, who frequently diagnose behavioral health issues but lack the time and tools to follow up on them. Quartet’s data analysis capabilities also enable health systems to identify trends in the use of behavioral health services and target resources accordingly to improve access.

Quartet recently entered the California market through a partnership with Sutter Health. CHCF’s investment will support that partnership by helping to ensure that Quartet’s platform and network meet the needs of Sutter’s Medi-Cal patients and the providers who care for them. Rollout will begin with a pilot in the Sacramento area.