Omada Health

Digital therapeutics to inspire behavior change

Date Awarded: July 30, 2014
Amount: $450,000.00

CHCF invested in Omada Health to help prevent diabetes by providing patients with online coaching and virtual support groups for guidance on exercise and nutrition. Unhealthy eating and physical inactivity are the lead drivers of chronic disease in the United States, where one in three people have pre-diabetes. Recognizing the rising prevalence of chronic illness, and its associated costs, Omada Health was formed to provide people with the education, motivation, and psychological support needed to help them change routine behaviors that put them at risk for developing disease.

Omada’s first product, Prevent, is based on guidelines published by the National Diabetes Prevention Program and is credited for helping patients lose weight and make the sort of lifestyle changes shown to help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Prevent engages participants with an evidence-based curriculum, a supportive social network, the guidance of a personal health coach, and digital tracking tools that include a wireless scale and mobile app.

With the support of CHCF, Omada Health will translate their Prevent curriculum into Spanish and pilot the product with underserved patients.

CHCF invested in Omada Health because their online solution has the potential to make disease prevention more engaging, affordable, and effective for patients, leading to better outcomes and lower health system costs.