Nomad Health

Making it easier and more affordable for safety-net providers to recruit and hire clinicians

Date Awarded: December 12, 2018
Amount: $1,000,000.00

Like many states, California faces critical health workforce shortages. Employers in the safety net and in rural areas are especially hard pressed to hire talent with the diversity and skills to meet the needs of the patients they serve. They have a disadvantage from the start, because they lack the recruiting resources that large private health care systems have.

CHCF is working to level that playing field. We have invested in a solution, Nomad Health, with demonstrated potential to lower the cost and increase the transparency of recruiting and hiring in health care. Nomad Health’s online marketplace directly connects clinicians and medical employers, removing the intermediaries that have traditionally made hiring take longer and cost more.

CHCF’s investment aims to optimize Nomad’s marketplace to meet the needs of the safety net. This includes increasing the quantity and visibility of safety-net jobs listed. It also includes enhancing Nomad’s clinician-job matching features to account for skills, such as second language proficiency, and benefits, such as loan repayment, unique to the safety net.