mPulse Mobile

Mobile engagement solutions for health care

Date Awarded: May 15, 2016
Amount: $725,000.00

CHCF invests in mPulse Mobile, which provides tailored, two-way communications between health plans and their members, to help Medicaid members better access health care. As a result of Medicaid expansion enabled by the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid plans have an influx of newly eligible and enrolled beneficiaries. Yet many Medicaid members are often unaware of basic coverage information, leading to such costly consequences as emergency rooms being used as a primary source of care. Information sharing with members happens mostly in print form, making member communications a huge challenge for plans.

To address this issue, CHCF has made an investment in mPulse Mobile, a private company that partners with health care organizations and provides automated, personalized, and relevant two-way messaging to their customers. Real-time learning of patient/member behaviors and preferences informs future message content and style, drives deeper engagement, and ultimately, improves awareness and utilization of health care coverage. mPulse has demonstrated value to more than 50 health care organizations across payers, health systems, and pharmaceutical, medical device, and population health and wellness companies.

CHCF’s investment will support the development of additional use cases tailored for the Medicaid population and efforts to improve spread and adoption in California.