Mahmee: Empowering Birthing People Through Comprehensive Perinatal Care

Date Awarded: March 5, 2024
Amount: $500,000.00

Mahmee is a pioneering tech-enabled care management platform dedicated to supporting birthing people* by providing comprehensive perinatal care. Through its network of doula navigators, Mahmee offers a wide range of services, including health risk assessments, lactation support, nutrition consultation, mental health care, remote patient monitoring, and care coordination across various social determinants of health and clinical providers.

Mahmee’s mission is to identify and onboard birthing people through diverse channels, such as social media campaigns, referrals from health care providers, and partnerships with insurance companies and employers. By screening members for potential health risks and maintaining ongoing connections through its digital app and doula network, Mahmee ensures that birthing people receive the support they need throughout their perinatal journey.

Since its launch in 2014, Mahmee has made a significant impact, serving over 4,300 birthing people nationwide, with half in California. The company is committed to developing its doula network, with a particular emphasis on removing barriers for Black doulas. Mahmee actively collaborates with Black-led nonprofits and training organizations, sponsors birth equity conferences and community events, and invests in the professional development of its doula workforce.

By providing comprehensive support, removing barriers, and investing in its doula network, Mahmee is working toward a future where all birthing people have access to the high-quality, culturally responsive perinatal care they deserve.

* “Birthing people” is used to recognize that not all people who become pregnant and give birth identify as women or mothers.