Collective Medical

Helping providers exchange and analyze patient data in real time

Date Awarded: March 15, 2018
Amount: $1,000,000.00

CHCF is investing in Collective Medical to help providers serving Medicaid patients with complex needs to better share and act on data about those patients in real time. Successfully coordinating a patient’s care, especially if it is complex and involves numerous providers both inside and outside of the health care system, requires effective data sharing. When providers fail to share data, a patient’s care can fall through the cracks or be needlessly duplicated, both of which can result in higher costs and poorer outcomes.

Although many data-sharing solutions exist, they face limitations. Some only work when all providers use the same electronic health record (EHR), which becomes increasingly unlikely the more complex a patient’s care is. Others unduly burden busy clinicians by requiring them to log on to separate platforms or dig through irrelevant data.

Collective Medical addresses those challenges by mining data universally available in all EHRs and filtering those data, displaying directly within a clinician’s workflow only what is relevant to a particular care decision. Furthermore, Collective immediately alerts a patient’s entire care team when an event, such as an ER admission, occurs, thereby accelerating care coordination.

Collective’s platform has proven able to drastically reduce unnecessary care utilization among high-risk Medicaid patients while also improving care coordination. CHCF’s investment will help Collective Medical expand its California network to include more plans and providers serving Medicaid patients with complex needs.