CIN Webinar Series — Alternatives to Face-to-Face Visits

About This Event

This three-part CIN webinar series explores how providers are using technology to reach and support patients outside of the office.


Telehealth and eConsults: Effective Collaboration for Integrated Care and Patient Access

Held: March 16, 2017

Both live video telehealth and electronic specialty care consultation systems offer game-changing opportunities for effective care coordination, joint care planning, specialty care access, supply-demand management, and improving the professional relationships between PCPs and specialists. Learn about the business relationships and daily care processes from a successful program that employs both telehealth and eConsult in concert.

Presenters include:

  • Kelli Cousineau, program manager, Partnership HealthPlan of California
  • Willard Hunter, MD, medical director, Open Door Community Health Centers
  • Javeed Siddiqui, MD, MPH, chief medical officer, TeleMed2U

A recording of the event and the presentation slides are available below.


Interactive Text Messaging for a Healthier Patient Population: A Medi-Cal Health Plan Case Study

Held: January 26, 2017

Ninety-eight percent of text messages get read. Tailored and engaging mobile messaging campaigns can help patients choose a doctor, schedule care, and utilize resources like urgent care clinics and nurse advice lines. Learn how the Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) used texting to increase newly enrolled Medi-Cal beneficiaries’ knowledge and activation levels while decreasing their emergency department use.

Presenters include:

  • Thomas Pham, senior director, Marketing and Product Management, Inland Empire Health Plan
  • Paige Mantel, head of marketing, and Heather Winters, national director of Healthcare Account, mPulse Mobile
  • Jared Teo, senior program officer, Innovation Fund, CHCF

A recording of the event and the presentation slides are available below. Download the IEHP research study discussed in this webinar.


Top 10 Ideas for Optimizing Use of Your Patient Portal

Held: December 15, 2016

Electronic patient portals do much more than messaging. Portals add a range of functionality and greater freedom for patients and for provider-based care teams. Learn 10 practical lessons on how to optimize your portal and be ready for the next phase of patient engagement.

Presenters include:

  • Jim Meyers, DrPH, Patient Portal Optimization Coach

A set of patient portal resources in PDF format is available below. The titles include:

  • Deployment Case Study Poster – Patient Portal
  • Job Description Examples – Patient Portal Supervisor
  • Marketing Videos and Artwork – Patient Portal
  • Operations Dashboard Example – Patient Portal
  • Patient and Provider Staff Online Satisfaction Survey Examples – Patient Portal
  • Patient Tech Survey Example – Patient Portal
  • Policies and Procedures Examples – Patient Portal
  • Senior Leader Quarterly Report Example – Patient Portal
  • Task Workflow Sheet Example – Patient Portal
  • Workplan Tracking Form Example – Patient Portal

A recording of the event and the presentation slides are also available below.

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