During the COVID-19 pandemic, states received increased Medicaid funding on the condition that they would postpone disenrollments as long as the federal PHE remained in effect. This has allowed millions of Californians to maintain stable Medi-Cal coverage during an unprecedented health crisis.

While impossible to predict, it is anticipated that the federal PHE will expire before the end of 2023. Whenever the PHE expires, Medi-Cal must resume its normal renewal processes over the subsequent 14 months, redetermining eligibility for millions of current Medi-Cal enrollees. It’s estimated that during this time, two to three million Californians may leave the program. The vast majority will be eligible for other types of coverage but may need help transitioning. Many Californians who remain eligible for Medi-Cal are at risk of getting disenrolled from the program simply due to administrative or procedural barriers, such as Medi-Cal eligibility offices lacking enrollees’ current addresses after the last two tumultuous years.

This collection highlights recommendations and tools to help the state and key partners navigate the end of the PHE while minimizing disruptions to Californians’ access to care and coverage.

In addition to the resources below, see Covered California’s auto enrollment toolkit (PDF). (Soon after the federal COVID-19 PHE ends, Covered California will begin automatically notifying and completing plan selection for Californians who lose Medi-Cal coverage if they are eligible for a subsidized plan on Covered California. The toolkit provides more information for consumers and enrollment partners.)