What’s Next for Federal Health Policy Under a Biden Administration?

In a CHCF webinar, national health policy expert Billy Wynne explains what he expects from the next president

President-elect Joe Biden speaks during an event to introduce nominees and appointees to economic policy posts
President-elect Joe Biden speaks at an event in Wilmington, Delaware, on December 1, 2020, to introduce nominees and appointees who will join his administration. Photo: AP / Andrew Harnik
Billy Wynne
Billy Wynne, JD

On November 18 CHCF hosted a webinar featuring national health policy expert Billy Wynne, JD, who shared his insights into what we can expect with federal health policy under the incoming Biden-Harris administration in 2021 and beyond. Wynne outlined what policies the new administration might implement through executive actions and what legislation it might seek from Congress. Wynne also shared his in-depth knowledge on these questions in an issue brief.

During an extended Q&A with the audience, Wynne answered questions about the state and federal responses to COVID-19; surprise medical billing; a federal public option and the future of the Affordable Care Act; ways California might use federal 1332 and 1115 waivers; and much more.

You can watch the one-hour webinar replay below, and get more information about the event, including Wynne’s presentation slides.


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