Medi-Cal: California Has a Rare Opportunity to Improve Health Care Equity

Woman receives a blood pressure check at clinic
Photo: Jessica Brandi Lifland

Wealthy Californians come from affluent enclaves to take vaccine shots meant for at-risk frontline workers. In the same state but a world away, Californians haven’t heard that a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine exists because the news hasn’t yet reached them in their language.

Unequal access to quality health care allowed the virus to cut a path of devastation through communities of color over the past year. Like the murder of George Floyd and acts of violence that sparked a national reckoning on race last year, inequalities in health care are rooted in a set of rules stacked against Black and brown communities.

To heal, we must rewrite the rules. One big place to start is Medi-Cal.

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