The Private Insurance Market in California, 2015

Josh Cothran, Georgia Institute of Technology


Health insurers covered more than 14 million Californians through group and individual policies in 2015. The interactive graphic below shows the breakdowns for health plans by regulatory body and type of coverage. This data visualization is a companion to California Health Insurers: Two Years After Reform, part of CHCF’s California Health Care Almanac.


  • Total Enrollment: Individual + Small Group + Large Group enrollment.
  • Individual Enrollment: Number of enrollees covered by individually purchased private health insurance. Excludes employer-sponsored coverage, public coverage such as Medicare or Medi-Cal and their managed care programs, and private supplemental Medicare insurance.
  • Small Group Enrollment: Number of enrollees receiving health insurance from an employer with 50 or fewer workers.
  • Large Group Enrollment: Number of enrollees receiving health insurance from an employer with 51 or more workers.
  • Self-Insured: Number of enrollees covered by self-insured employers, who assume the financial responsibility for paying claims and contract with an insurance company for administrative services only (ASO). Also known as ASO enrollment.
  • California Revenues: Includes premiums for Accident and Health business under CDI and total revenues under DMHC.
  • Margins: Percentage of net income / revenue. This figure may reflect multi-state business.


Health Net figures under DMHC include Health Net Community Solutions (note that commercial enrollment of HNCS is zero). Cigna figures under CDI include Connecticut General and Cigna Health and Life.

For additional information, see the CHCF publication California Health Insurers: Brink of Change.


California Department of Insurance (CDI)

Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC)

California Health Care Foundation