SB 1004 Implementation Technical Assistance Series: Assessing Capacity and Launching Services

By: Kate Meyers

Why This Is Important

To meet the requirements of SB1004, plans and providers need to understand existing capacity to provide services and address any gaps, and build an implementation strategy that best suits local needs and available resources.


  • Describe the conditions and supports required to optimize the delivery of SB 1004 palliative care
  • Outline approaches to assess the palliative care capacity of local providers, and to identify any gaps in readiness to deliver SB 1004 palliative care
  • Discuss strategies to optimize referral of eligible members
  • Describe lessons learned about patient referral from existing Medi-Cal palliative care programs

Presenter: Anne Kinderman, MD, director, Supportive and Palliative Care Service, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Geared toward providers and payers interested in expanding access to palliative care services, this webinar provides a high-level overview of what’s needed to successfully deliver SB 1004 palliative care, including assessing and filling service gaps, and strategies to optimize patient engagement. A recording of this webinar is available below.


Four January workshops were held to allow participants to delve deeper into these topics. These workshops were designed for teams of one to four people who are knowledgeable about administrative operations, provider (or payer) relationships, new benefits implementation, and clinical program implementation.