Reinventing Health Care Delivery: Innovation and Improvement Behind the Scenes

By: Bonar Menninger

This is archived content; for historical reference only.

Hamstrung by an increasingly complex, costly, and disorganized system of care, health care organizations are following the lead of the corporate world and embracing innovation as a way to overcome the seemingly intractable problems that have undermined US health care delivery for decades.

Today’s innovation centers — most of which are affiliated with large hospitals or health systems — range in scope from modest internal programs to large, formalized organizations with dedicated physical space, sizable staffs, and external clients. Key areas of emphasis include facility design, operational efficiency, optimized information technologies, improvements in the patient experience, and quality of care.

In 2009, leaders at health care innovation organizations nationwide were interviewed to learn more about how the centers operated, the objectives they were pursuing, and some of the challenges they faced.

The complete issue brief is available under Document Downloads. Also available, under External Links, is a video presentation on the Garfield Health Care Innovation Center at Kaiser Permanente.