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Health Care Forecast Conference

Since 2002, the California Health Care Foundation has been a major sponsor of the annual Health Care Forecast Conference, which is presented each February by the Center for Health Care Management and Policy at the University of California, Irvine.

The conference provides an opportunity for government officials, business leaders, and academics to share their perspectives on key issues affecting health care in the US. Politics, policies, economics, and research data are reviewed and their impact on health care assessed. Participants examine public and private sector trends and gain insights into how such trends might affect their businesses.

The 2017 conference was held February 23 and 24 with the overarching theme of health politics and policies under a new presidency. The sessions included:

  • Forecasts: US Economy, Private Sector Health Care Forecast, and Federal Health Care Expenditures
  • Outlook on Federal Health Legislation Under a New Presidency
  • Conference Keynote Presentation: “Health Politics and Policies Under a New Presidency”
  • California — State Budget and the Outlook on Health Care
  • Disruptive Innovations in Health Care
  • Strategic Outlook on the Health Care Market — Impact of Continued Market Evolution

Watch the videos and see accompanying slides from the recent conference through the link below.

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