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FastFacts for Directors of Staff Development

Resources for Nursing Home Professionals

This is archived content, for historical reference only.

Creating a Learning Organization (December 2007)

Staff training shouldn’t be limited to formal training sessions. Taking advantage of teachable moments — situations that open the door to allow for learning at almost any time — engages learners and sparks curiosity.

Developing a Culturally Competent Workforce (December 2007)

A diverse, culturally competent workforce reduces staff turnover, improves patient care, and enhances resident satisfaction. This FastFacts focuses on helping leaders and staff foster a culture of diversity and develop cultural competence.

Effective Strategies for New Staff Orientation (April 2006)

Properly trained and welcomed nurses and other health professionals feel good about their new job, quickly integrate with colleagues, and stay longer. They also develop a sense of teamwork and commitment to their roles more rapidly, which can improve staff retention by 25%.

Interactive Teaching Strategies for Staff Development (April 2006)

Adult learning must be engaging to be effective. Research has demonstrated that interactive and entertaining learning strategies in nursing homes increase caring skills, self-confidence, empowerment, and creative thinking. This FastFacts focuses on educational strategies that nursing home leaders can use to engage long term care personnel.

Role Playing as a Learning Strategy (May 2006)

Role playing is an effective learning method for adult education because it increases learning retention, provides hands-on training, and enables better teamwork and communication. This FastFacts describes the benefits of role playing and provides a step-by-step guide to implementing role-playing training sessions.

State Funding for Employee Training (December 2007)

This FastFacts provides information about state funding for employee training opportunities through changes to the Medi-Cal reimbursement system and other state government funds available for grants to employers.

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