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FastFacts for Care Teams

Resources for Nursing Home Professionals

This is archived content, for historical reference only.

Coordinating Care Transitions (December 2007)

Transitions between care settings are often poorly coordinated, resulting in medical errors, risk of rehospitalization, and duplication of services. This FastFacts focuses on interventions that nursing leaders can use to improve care across clinical settings.

Depression Prevention, Screening, and Management (December 2007)

Depression affects about one in five (or 1.5 million) residents. But depression is treatable if detected early. This FastFacts focuses on screening, management, and prevention strategies that nursing staff can use effectively in long term care.

Leadership Skills (March 2006)

Nursing home managers must wear many hats as they deal with budget management, personnel issues, and  clinical issues. An effective leader motivates, inspires, and leads by example to help employees perform as best they can. This FastFacts focuses on which leadership skills are important for managers in nursing homes.

Manager’s Guide to Performance Appraisals (March 2006)

Performance appraisals are important in motivating staff, determining merit pay increases, promoting employees, and agreeing on training opportunities. They also help supervisors understand their employees’ goals and build relationships. This FastFacts provides managers with best practices on how to carry out performance appraisals.

Staff Retention (March 2006)

High staff turnover in a nursing home can compromise the quality of care. Turnover increases stress on existing staff and drives up care delivery costs. This FastFacts presents strategies to help retain nursing home staff.

Understanding Nursing Home Quality Data (March 2006)

It is important to understand and use the quality data that is being reported about your facility. Not only is this information valuable to consumers, but nursing home managers can use it to spur safety and quality improvement efforts. This FastFacts discusses how nursing home quality data can be used by facilities.

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