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Resources for Nursing Home Professionals

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Admission Screening in Nursing Homes (April 2006)

Studies have shown that functional geriatric assessments help improve overall care quality and the functional well-being of elders. This FastFacts focuses on what nursing home staff should know about comprehensive assessments and admission screenings for new or prospective residents.

Consistent Assignment: A Key Step to Individualized Care (December 2007)

Providing residents with the same caregiver results in more individualized care, which leads to better clinical outcomes and quality of life, as well as greater staff satisfaction and lower turnover. This FastFacts offers a pragmatic approach.

Culture Change: The Business and Clinical Case (August 2006)

This FastFacts makes the case that by transforming a facility’s culture toward person-centered care and addressing basic staffing issues, nursing homes can improve both their financial bottom line and quality of care for residents.

Culture Change: Connecting the Dots (August 2006)

Crystallizing the case for the adoption of culture change in nursing homes, this FastFacts connects the dots between the principles of culture change, staff retention and satisfaction, financial performance, and clinical outcomes.

Culture Change: Foundational Principles for Nursing Homes (August 2006)

Offering a bird’s-eye view of the institutional culture change underway in America’s nursing homes, this FastFacts examines the foundational principles of the movement and six key areas affecting the lives of residents.

Making Residents and Families the Top Priority (May 2006)

Raising the bar on customer service and satisfaction is not only critical to remaining competitive, it is the foundation of a resident-centered nursing home. This FastFacts presents tips and strategies to help nursing home leaders and staff members foster excellent customer service and involve family members in care.

Restraint-Free Nursing Homes (December 2007)

Although physical restraints are often used to prevent falls and accidents, they actually can cause serious injury to residents and result in greater costs and resource use. This FastFacts focuses on how to make your facility restraint-free.

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