Electronic Health Records versus Chronic Disease Management Systems: A Quick Comparison

Video on Disease Registry Tools

This is archived content; for historical reference only.

Clinical health information technology (HIT) can support better care delivery. Sometimes, however, selecting the right electronic tool for a clinic’s or medical practice’s needs can be difficult. A fact sheet provides a quick comparison between electronic health record (EHR) systems and chronic disease management systems (CDMSs), also known as disease registries. Of all the HIT tools, these two are especially important in their potential to improve the clinical care of patients with chronic conditions.

CDMSs can be thought of as a “stepping stone” toward more comprehensive computerization of data (including EHR and electronic documentation). The more complex EHRs could be thought of as a “cold plunge.” The fact sheet includes a comparison of key features in EHRs and CDMSs.

A related eight-minute video shows how clinicians are discovering the power of disease registries. The video includes interviews with physicians, nurse practitioners, and others who use disease registries to help track the progress of and ensure delivery of appropriate services to patients with chronic conditions.