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The Patient Experience Action Community

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What defines an exceptional patient experience? Immediate access to care? Personalized service? Compassionate providers? Spiritual and emotional support? A clean environment? All of the above?

CHCF, in partnership with ExperiaHealth, a nationally recognized patient experience advisory firm, provided eight community clinics the opportunity to transform their patients’ experience through the Patient Experience Action Community (PEAC).

In the video below, Rain Moore, MD, describes how Occidental Healthcare Center uses after-visit summaries to improve communication between patients and providers, patient recall and comprehension, medication adherence, coordination of care, and patient engagement and satisfaction.



In another video, Elizabeth Morrison, LCSW, MAC, showcases how Golden Valley Health Center supports staff to improve patient experience in a sustainable way.



In a third video, M. Bridget Duffy, MD, CEO of ExperiaHealth, discusses the important focus on patient experience.



The goals of the Patient Experience Action Community were to:

  • Devise and implement ongoing advancements in patient and staff satisfaction
  • Create regional showcase sites to serve as demonstration models of exceptional patient and staff experience
  • Develop and test standardized patient experience metrics
  • Link improvements to financial, clinical, operational, and strategic outcomes

PEAC produced several insights into how to change the clinic environment to improve the patient experience. See the summary of lessons learned: Looking Inward: Community Health Centers Focus on Staff to Improve Patient Experience.

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