Helen Duhé

Executive Assistant

Helen M. Duhé is a executive assistant at the California Health Care Foundation, where she supports the senior vice president of strategy and programs, as well as the executive team members. Helen serves as coordinator of the workflow between program staff and the senior vice president of strategy and programs for the program review process, and acts as a liaison on behalf of the senior vice president with a wide range of external partners and stakeholders.

Prior to joining CHCF, Helen worked as a client service administrator for an insurance brokerage firm. During that time she provided support in estate planning and policy administration. She also developed presentations for summaries of life and disability insurance policies. She has also held several positions at leading individual health insurance carriers. Helen received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Northwestern University; holds a certificate in project management from University of California, Berkeley; and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in management, with a focus on nonprofits, at Mills College.