Webinar — Opioid Safety Coalitions Network: Evolving Coalition Strategy

About This Event

You are well into your coalition work. You’ve set up your Action Teams, you’ve set goals, and you’ve made progress. You’ve also adjusted along the way, responding to community and institutional needs and pushback from constituents. This webinar will help you think through your goals and on-the-ground strategy to further the impact of your coalition, featuring examples and insights from your peer coalitions.

In this free webinar, the progress that coalitions have made on the overarching goals of safe prescribing, medication-assisted treatment, and naloxone is reviewed, and an opportunity for cross-coalition learning is provided. For example, on safe prescribing, several coalitions have been successful in adoption of safer prescribing practices in their emergency departments (EDs). How are those coalitions tracking implementation and adoption of those guidelines? For MAT, which coalitions have been successful in increasing the number of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) “X” licenses and why? Looking forward, how do coalitions start working on better addiction treatment access?

For naloxone, which coalitions have made significant progress on increasing availability through first responders, and why? We use this time to address how to adapt your coalition strategy and goals to meet the challenges and opportunities you face as your communities and the larger opioid safety landscape evolves.

Hear from:

  • Laurie Kappe, president, i.e. communications
  • Liz Galicia, vice president, i.e. communications

A recording of the event and the presentation slides are available below.

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