Webinar — Opioid Safety Coalitions: Building a Call to Action Using Data

Past Event
Thursday, January 21, 2016

About This Event

Your opioid safety coalition has an important message to tell, but breaking through the daily information overload can be difficult. A “call to action” is your opportunity to capture your audience’s attention, engage them on your topic and its importance, and recruit them to be part of building a brighter future.

RxSafeMarin used the following call to action: “Did you know that in 2012, more people died in Marin from drug overdoses than of breast cancer or automobile crashes combined, and the majority of overdoses involved prescription drugs? We’re coming together to fix this, and your voice is important. Come join our coalition.” This CTA was used to raise awareness, spur community dialogue, and publicize their coalition — which helped them recruit supporters.

Learn more about how to craft your own call to action and use it to build your volunteer base. Hear from:

  • Matt Willis, health officer, Marin County
  • Emma Dugas, communications professional

A recording of the webinar and materials are available below.