Webinar — How One Community Responded to Variation in Elective Surgery Rates

Past Event
Wednesday, May 22, 2013

About This Event

Wide variation in medical practice has been shown to have an impact on quality of care, patient outcomes, and resource usage. Yet even when variation is identified, it can be difficult to understand its causes and to catalyze improvement.

In 2011, research supported by CHCF found statewide variation in the rates of certain elective surgeries that are considered “preference sensitive” — meaning their use is influenced by the preferences of clinicians or patients.

One community in particular, Humboldt County, had rates over 150% of the state average for several of the studied procedures. Acting on the data, leaders in Humboldt developed and followed a step-by-step process to better understand the causes of variation, engage stakeholders, and make recommendations for change.

Hear more about this effort from:

  • Martin Love, CEO, Humboldt-Del Norte IPA, Foundation for Medical Care, and the North Coast Health Information Network
  • Betsy Stapleton, FNP, lead consumer representative, Humboldt Aligning Forces for Quality initiative

A recording of the webinar and the presentation slides are available below. Read more about the research.