Webinar — HomeMeds: An Innovative Approach to Medication Safety

About This Event

Medication safety is a serious public health issue, especially as the number of people with complex needs and medication regimens increases. In a study of 7,000 older adults, almost half were shown to be at risk for a potential medication-related injury, with an average of two to three potential problems per patient. The HomeMeds medication management improvement system, a program of Partners in Care Foundation, was developed in response to this concern.

The HomeMeds program helps patients by assigning care managers, supported by a care team, to identify medication issues, assess the client’s condition and environment, consult with a pharmacist to develop an action plan, and follow up with patients and physicians.

Each year the HomeMeds system cares for 2,500 patients at over 45 sites across 19 states. Sites include post-acute transitions programs, area agencies on aging, an Indian tribal community, assisted living centers, home care organizations, meal delivery programs, and Medicaid waiver programs that keep older adults out of nursing homes. Importantly, HomeMeds does not need to be a standalone program, but rather can be integrated into existing care management, care transitions, evidence-based self-management, or home- and community-based programs.

Learn more about the HomeMeds program and its results from:

  • Sandy Atkins, MPA, project director/VP, Institute for Change, Partners in Care Foundation

A recording of the webinar and the presentation slides are available below.

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