Innovation Webinar — Improving Efficiency and Quality Through Automation

About This Event

The CHCF Innovation Webinars uncover ways that health care services and technology companies are creating solutions that help providers deliver high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective care. This webinar highlights software that automates routine, repeatable tasks to make providers more efficient.

California law allows nursing staff and medical assistants to authorize routine prescription refills under physician supervision — provided the prescription is in the patient’s chart as a physician-approved standing order, dosage levels remain the same, and the patient is not due for monitoring. Yet most routine refills, as many as 20 per doctor per day, are still processed by physicians. This diverts up to 30 minutes of each shift away from direct patient care.

To address this inefficiency, healthfinch created Swoop, software that automates the prescription refill process to save time while increasing accuracy. Swoop reduces inconsistent refill orders by applying evidence-based protocols as the request is entered into the electronic medical record. The software also checks for discontinued medications, duplicate requests, and outstanding refill orders before prepopulating the refill request and delivering it to a nurse, medical assistant, or physician for approval.

Learn how providers are using Swoop to manage routine prescription refill requests. Hear from Jonathan Baran, chief executive officer and cofounder of healthfinch.

A recording of the webinar is available below.

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