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California Physician Performance Initiative: A Progress Report

December 2008

This multi-stakeholder initiative examined 15 evidence-based quality measures, investigating how California physicians stack up against benchmarks and whether care provided to Medicare beneficiaries varies versus other payers.

Same Disease, Different Care: How Patient Health Coverage Drives Treatment Patterns in California

April 2008

This issue brief finds that Californians with comparable medical conditions often get different amounts of hospital care, depending on the type of insurance they carry and the region where they live.

Variations in Hospital Resource Use for Medicare and Privately Insured Populations in California

February 2008

This Health Affairs article by Baker, Fisher, and Wennberg on a study of variations across California hospitals in hospital resource use for chronically ill patients covered by Medicare HMOs and private insurers found substantial variation in all of the coverage groups studied.

Evaluating the Efficiency of California Providers in Caring for Patients with Chronic Illnesses

November 2005

This Health Affairs study by Wennberg et al. shows that care for chronically ill seniors costs Medicare four times more at some California hospitals than others but results in no better care or patient satisfaction. Also five commentaries from Baucus, Priselac, Reinhardt, Schaeffer and McMurtry, and Straube.