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Community Paramedicine: A Promising Model for Integrating Emergency and Primary Care

July 2013

Can paramedics improve the efficiency of emergency resources and enhance access to primary care for the medically underserved through a new model of care, called "community paramedicine"?

California Hospitals: Buildings, Beds, and Business

January 2013

California's acute care hospitals experienced capacity changes between 2001 and 2010. Most have adjusted to economic stresses, and many have improved their financial status.

The Kiosk Will See You Now: Lessons from an ED Experiment

March 2012

Can computer kiosks speed up emergency room care? An experiment in several California hospitals shows it is not as simple as just plugging them in.

Physicians on Call: California's Patchwork Approach to Emergency Department Coverage

February 2011

The state's system for securing on-call emergency department specialist coverage remains costly, complex, and on the edge due to payment concerns, liability questions, and a shortage of specialists.

Freestanding Emergency Departments: Do They Have a Role in California?

July 2009

This issue brief tallies freestanding emergency departments, inventories their practices, summarizes their regulation by federal and state governments, and discusses California's FED environment.

Is California's Hospital-Based ED System Eroding?

July 2009

Although there are now fewer emergency departments (EDs) in California hospitals, some hospitals have expanded their EDs. This issue brief analyzes trends in the use and capacity of the state's hospital-based EDs.

Reducing Ambulance Diversion in California: Strategies and Best Practices

July 2009

This issue brief provides an overview of the extent and impact of ambulance diversion in California, and offers strategies for communities that want to reduce or eliminate it.

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