Palliative Care

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The California State University Institute for Palliative Care

April 2014

The CSU Institute for Palliative Care is training professionals who can help patients and families manage serious and chronic illnesses. See a video to learn more.

Palliative Care in Oncology: A Learning Collaborative

April 2014

Oncologists are increasingly aware of the benefits of palliative care, but starting a program can be a challenge. CHCF is funding five California practices to join a national learning collaborative that will pave the way.

Advance Care Planning Takes Root: Best Practices from Four California Communities

April 2014

Community involvement is key to increasing the prevalence of advance health care planning. Four California coalitions share how they do it.

Let's Talk: Community Promotes the Conversation About End-of-Life Care Wishes

August 2013

Can whole communities be activated to promote and support end-of-life conversations? Learn how Contra Costa County's civic, faith-based, and health care leaders are exploring this possibility.

Measuring Up? End-of-Life Cancer Care in California

August 2013

In California, many who die of cancer receive more aggressive care at the end of life than in the rest of the country. Cancer treatment also varies widely from region to region and from hospital to hospital within the state.

Design Challenge: Catalyzing Communication About End-of-Life Care

June 2013

See how human-centered designers answered our challenge to encourage more people to complete advance directives and document their end-of-life wishes.

A Better Benefit: Health Plans Try New Approaches to End-of-Life Care

April 2013

By making palliative care available to patients earlier in their illnesses, private health plans are providing better care that also costs less. Learn about six pioneers in California.

End-of-Life Care in California: You Don't Always Get What You Want

April 2013

Trends in end-of-life care show that not only does the care given vary widely from region to region and hospital to hospital, but also patients often don't get the care they prefer. What can be done?

In It Together: How Palliative Care Spread to All of California's Public Hospitals

March 2013

What did it take for all of California's public hospitals to adopt and sustain palliative care programs? Learn about the five-year collaborative effort.

Palliative Care Action Community

December 2012

CHCF made grants to establish a one-year collaborative to share approaches and lessons learned regarding community-based palliative care.

Next Generation of Palliative Care: Community Models Offer Services Outside the Hospital

November 2012

Community-based palliative care brings services to seriously ill patients outside the hospital setting. Policy shifts could encourage the spread of such models.

Language Lessons: Palliative Care Training for Interpreters

August 2012

Language barriers between patients and providers loom even larger in palliative care. Health care interpreters discuss how a palliative care training program fills a gap in their field.

Care at the Close of Life: Evidence and Experience

April 2012

Adapted from a long-running series, this textbook offers evidence-based and clinical expert guidance on caring for patients with serious, life-threatening illness.

Reflections on End of Life Care

February 2012

Research finds that most Californians would prefer a natural death at home without becoming a burden on family. But few document their wishes, leaving families in the dark. Videos highlight this issue.

Final Chapter: Californians' Attitudes and Experiences with Death and Dying

February 2012

Most Californians would prefer to die a natural death at home without becoming a burden on family. Yet according to this survey, a disconnect exists between what they want and reality.

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