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In Transition: Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Reflect on Their Move to Medi-Cal Managed Care

April 2014

In 2011, seniors and persons with disabilities in 16 counties were transitioned to Medi-Cal  managed care. The transition experience of these members varied, providing lessons to policymakers about handling future transitions.

Briefing — Covered California: Early Enrollment Experiences

Held: April 14, 2014

Hear about interviews and focus groups with a diverse group of people that used Covered California to apply for private insurance or Medi-Cal in the early months of ACA enrollment.

Early Evidence, Future Promise of Connected Health

February 2014

Three articles in the February issue of Health Affairs examine the benefits and challenges presented by telehealth and how to prepare for Medicaid expansion.

Health Reform in Translation

January 2014

A series of fact sheets and infographics demystify technical topics that are central to understanding the implementation of health reform in California.

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment

January 2014

In 2008, Oregon held a lottery to expand its Medicaid program. Research finds the first two years of coverage increased individuals' health care access and use, lowered out-of-pocket costs and medical debt, and improved mental health, but did not improve health in other areas.

Briefing — Monitoring Performance: A Dashboard of Medi-Cal Managed Care

Held: December 17, 2013

Learn about the dashboard used by the California Department of Health Care Services to monitor the performance of Medi-Cal managed care and participating health plans, including measures of care quality, consumer experience, and health plan finances.

Monitoring Performance: A Dashboard of Medi-Cal Managed Care

December 2013

This first publicly reported dashboard of Medi-Cal managed care shows areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Health-e-App Public Access: Modernizing the Path to Children's Health Coverage in California

November 2013

Since December 2010, Californians have had access to a self-service online application for Healthy Families and Medi-Cal for Families. Health-e-App Public Access offers lessons for other online enrollment efforts, including the ACA marketplaces.

All Together Now — Coordinating California's Public Sector Health Care Purchasing

September 2013

Can California's three major state health care purchasers combine their buying power to lower costs or improve value? Implementation of the ACA may provide an opportunity.

Ready or Not: Are Health Care Safety-Net Systems Prepared for Reform?

June 2013

Even with new federal resources to help, a study finds that communities with weaker safety-net systems are lagging in preparations for health reform.

California's Dual Eligibles: A Data-Driven Approach to Managing Services

June 2013

An effort in California to improve care for those enrolled in both Medicaid and Medicare addresses fragmented care for this highly vulnerable population.

Medi-Cal Facts and Figures: A Program Transforms

May 2013

Medi-Cal is the main source of health insurance for one in five Californians. This report provides an overview of the program's key features, describes how the program is evolving, and examines the challenges ahead.

Pinpoint: Innovation Center Grantees in California

April 2013

This map of grantees shows the breadth of Innovation Center investments in California working to test innovative payment and care delivery models to reduce costs and maintain or improve quality of care for recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.

California Health Plans and Insurers: A Shifting Landscape

March 2013

Private health insurers covered two-thirds of all Californians and brought in $111 billion in revenue in 2011. This report takes a performance baseline ahead of the ACA influences on the marketplace.

Briefing — Transitioning the SPD Population to Medi-Cal Managed Care

Held: March 28, 2013

Learn about the preliminary findings from a survey examining the transition experiences of beneficiaries, specifically the notification process and choice of health plan, continuity of and access to primary and specialty care, and the overall beneficiary experience.

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