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SB 1004 Implementation Technical Assistance Series — Estimating Care Delivery Costs

A webinar and in-person workshops are designed to help providers anticipate the costs of delivering palliative care, and to help payers understand the elements that impact cost.

Why This Is Important

To build sustainable palliative care programs, providers need to anticipate the costs of delivering care, based on their clinical model, environment, and other variables.


  • Review SB 1004 required services and care models that might be used to deliver those services
  • Understand service model and contract features that influence costs to providers: variables related to patient care, indirect/administrative variables
  • Review strategies to promote alignment between payment and costs
  • Consider promising practices for developing positive payer-provider relationships

Presenter: Kathleen Kerr, Kerr Healthcare Analytics

This webinar provides a high-level overview of variables and concepts used in projecting the cost of care delivery, and is appropriate for both providers and payers interested in expanding access to palliative care services.

A recording of the webinar, as well as slides and additional resources from the in-person workshop on this technical assistance series (TAS) topic, are available below.

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