Finding Focus: Reflections on a Decade of Work in End-of-Life Care

Fred Setterberg

A 2006 CHCF report about Californians' views on end-of-life care served to catalyze future funding on the topic. This publication examines a decade of investments by the foundation since then.
July 2017

In 2007, CHCF announced its intention to "promote appropriate care toward the end of life by eliciting and honoring patients' wishes." To make measurable advances over the course of a decade, the foundation would develop an expanding roster of grants to (1) promote the awareness and adoption of POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and (2) support sustainable palliative care programs, starting with California safety-net hospitals.

Over the course of a decade, CHCF's grantmaking portfolio developed organically, responding to persistent needs and sudden opportunities as it simultaneously worked multiple levers among policymakers, consumers, clinicians, and insurers. The foundation assembled a mosaic of services and interventions that proved mutually reinforcing, branching out over time while consistently bolstering the main goals and prime strategies.

Use the interactive timeline below to learn more about the major milestones of CHCF's work in end-of-life care. The full report, Finding Focus: Reflections on a Decade of Work in End-of-Life Care, is available under Document Downloads.