Health Reform in Translation

A series of fact sheets and infographics demystify technical topics that are central to understanding the implementation of health reform in California.

January 2014

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that most people obtain health insurance, and it provides new structures and supports to help them do so. To further Californians' understanding of ACA implementation, CHCF created a set of resources called Health Reform in Translation.

A series of infographics, below, covers these topics:

  • What will happen to California's uninsured?
  • Where will Californians get insurance?
  • How will health reform impact Medi-Cal?

Five fact sheets, below, provide simple summaries of the technical topics underpinning successful implementation of health reform:

  • What is actuarial value?
  • What is the premium tax credit?
  • Individual coverage before and after ACA
  • Small group coverage before and after ACA
  • What is MAGI (modified adjusted gross income)?

Designed as desktop references, the fact sheets may be useful to policymakers, journalists, advocates, and others seeking to understand and interpret important elements of the ACA. Each provides resources for those seeking in-depth information.

The fact sheets are available under Document Downloads.

Infographic: What Will Happen to California's 5.6 Million Uninsured Under Health Reform in 2015?

Infographic - Before and After ACA: Where Will Californians Get Insurance?

Infographic - Before and After ACA: How Will Health Reform Impact Medi-Cal?