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Designing Coverage: Uninsured Californians Weigh the Options

Marge Ginsburg and Kathy Glasmire, Sacramento Healthcare Decisions

This issue brief offers insights on the values and coverage priorities held by a subset of uninsured Californians who might be directly affected by coverage expansion policy proposals.

In the debate over expanding access to affordable health care coverage, the focus is most often on who will be covered and how the coverage will be financed, and less often on what the coverage should include.

This issue brief summarizes the findings of a recent series of focus groups that asked participants to consider the tradeoffs among various coverage options, including patient cost sharing, provider choice, and coverage of health care needs.

Using a computer process called CHAT (Choosing Healthplans All Together), participants who had been uninsured for at least one year and had income levels between 100% and 300% of the federal poverty level were asked to design a health insurance plan with limited financial resources.

The issue brief is available under Document Downloads. The full report is available on the site of the Center for Healthcare Decisions (formerly Sacramento Healthcare Decisions) under External Links below.