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Danny Sandoval
Sacramento Office Manager & Program Associate

Disease Matters for Rx Benefits

How hard is it for consumers in Covered California plans to get prescription drugs? It depends on the condition, which reflects trends in the larger insurance market.

Drug Benefits Covered CA

Routes to Enrollment

An interactive infographic gives a behind-the-scenes look at the online application process for Covered California and how different individuals and families experience it.

Infographic Pathway Enrollment

Open Door to Data

The California Department of Public Health, with funding from CHCF's Free the Data initiative, has launched an online portal for health data that can be freely used and shared. Free the Data

The CHCF Almanac

Objective information on health care costs, coverage, quality, and delivery supports effective decision-making. The Almanac provides data and analysis on California's health care system. Almanac

Capital Connection

A POLST Registry: Connecting Patient Preferences with the Care Team

POLST is the bright pink form that tells family members, caregivers, and providers what types and levels of care a person wants in the final phase of life. POLST is a powerful tool — but as with all tools, POLST loses its power if it is not available when it's needed.

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