Policing Privacy

Sharing patients' information with third-party vendors can result in privacy breaches. Manatt investigated how vendors comply with HIPAA health privacy and security requirements. See the Manatt Report

Slow Growth Persists

The picture of US health spending in 2012 was restrained. It marks the fourth straight year of historically low growth — only 3.7% — and no increase in health care's share of the economy.

Health Care Costs 101

Big Data in Health Care

A Health Affairs article explores the value big data and clinical analytics could bring to health care, especially under payment reform.

Analytics Identify Manage Patients

Data on Display

What is the story you want to tell with your health data? This guide offers examples and tools for creating compelling data visualizations.

Worth Thousand Words Data

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Program Goals & Objectives

To promote greater transparency and accountability in California's health care system.

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