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The CHCF Health Innovation Fund invests in health care technology and service companies with the potential to significantly improve quality of care, lower the total cost of care, or improve access to care for low-income Californians. Below are the fund's investments to date.

  • Groups Logo


    Groups is a mission-driven medical practice that offers affordable treatment for opioid use disorder in rural communities.
    Investment $1,200,000

  • iRhythm Technologies Logo

    iRhythm Technologies

    iRhythm developed an outpatient cardiac monitor that has the potential to make diagnosing cardiac arrhythmias more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient.
    Investment $1,500,000

  • Omada Health Logo

    Omada Health

    Omada's diabetes prevention programs include professional health coaching, robust peer support, an engaging and interactive health curriculum, and smart technology to monitor and enhance progress.
    Investment $450,000
  • Landmark Health Logo

    Landmark Health

    Landmark provides quality, team-coordinated, home-based medical, behavioral, and social care to individuals with multiple chronic conditions.
    Investment $900,000
  • PipelineRx Logo


    PipelineRx is a telepharmacy company that offers safety-net and rural hospitals access to remote pharmacy consultations to improve efficiency and reduce errors.
    Investment $1,100,000
  • Propeller Health Logo

    Propeller Health

    Propeller Health (formerly Asthmapolis) combines sensors, mobile apps, and services to help patients and their physicians better understand and control chronic respiratory disease to reduce preventable emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and unnecessary suffering.
    Investment $1,047,000
  • mPulse Mobile logo

    mPulse Mobile

    mPulse Mobile enables leading health plans, providers, and pharmaceutical companies to improve health and well-being of consumers by making health care communications relevant to the modern lifestyle.
    Investment $725,000

  • RubiconMD Logo


    RubiconMD provides an electronic consultation platform that enables primary care providers to discuss cases with specialists, covering over 100 specialties and sub-specialties with a 12-hour response time.
    Investment $1,047,000

  • DirectDerm Logo


    DirectDerm is a telemedicine company that provides remote dermatology consultations, expanding access to convenient and affordable specialty care.
    Investment $740,000
  • Healthfinch Logo


    Healthfinch provides software that streamlines prescription refills to improve the quality and efficiency of care by automating routine, repeatable tasks.
    Investment $250,000

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