Submitting a Proposal

Read instructions for submitting a full proposal, download required forms, and learn about the review process.

Full proposals may be submitted to the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) in three circumstances: (1) solicited by program staff; (2) through a request for proposals (RFP) process; or (3) invited upon review of an unsolicited letter of inquiry. Proposals should be addressed to CHCF staff who requested the proposal or as instructed in the RFP.

A complete grant proposal should include:

  1. Proposal cover sheet. Download and complete the Proposal Cover Sheet form to provide us with summary information about your project.
  2. Tax ID information:
  • Nonprofit organizations should submit a copy of the IRS determination letter.
  • For-profit entities or individual consultants should submit a completed W9 form.
  1. Proposal guidelines. Applicants should follow the foundation's Grant Proposal Guidelines (PDF) unless otherwise instructed by CHCF staff or RFP directions. 
  2. Budget. CHCF accepts budgets in two formats:
  • Line item budgets are generally provided by nonprofit institutions. These budgets include a list of personnel for the project, FTE and benefits for each person, direct costs, and indirect costs. Please attach a separate budget justification. CHCF will fund up to 15% of direct costs, excluding subcontracts, as indirect costs for a project (see the FAQ section for more information).
  • Time and materials budgets are generally provided by for-profit entities and individual consultants. These budgets include a list of personnel for the project, their hourly rates and number of hours each person is expected to contribute towards the project, and a list of direct costs. Please provide a separate budget justification if the fields available in the template do not provide enough room for an adequate description of the cost. CHCF's indirect rate does not apply as it is assumed that benefits and indirect costs are included in the loaded hourly rates.

Applicants are encouraged to use CHCF Budget templates, or may create a similar budget using a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Budgets may be divided into separate worksheets for each year of a multi-year project, or by major tasks or phases of the work if appropriate.

Proposal Review Process

Grant decisions based on full proposals are made by CHCF staff or the board of directors depending on the size of the request.

  • Funding requests under $250,000 are reviewed and considered by CHCF staff on a rolling basis, meaning there are no deadlines for submission. Decisions are generally made within two to three months after a full proposal is received.
  • Funding requests over $250,000 must be recommended by CHCF staff to the board of directors, which meets in March/April, June, September, and December each year. Requests that are recommended for board approval are typically in development with active participation from program staff for at least three to four months prior to a board meeting. This timeline may not apply for proposals that were solicited or submitted in response to an RFP.

Questions about writing or submitting a proposal should be addressed to CHCF staff who requested it. For general questions, such as how to complete the budget forms, contact CHCF Grants Administration. Proposals should be submitted to the appropriate staff as instructed.