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Webinar — Opioid Safety Coalitions: Setting Up Your Coalition for Success

Organizing your coalition is a critical first step on the path to success. In this webinar, hear from peers who have formed coalitions, recruited participants, and set up successful structures.

Your opioid safety coalition has important work to do to get organized. Identifying key stakeholders to invite, planning for meetings, determining how decisions will be made, and implementing ways to collect and track data are all important. Learn how the San Diego and Humboldt coalitions approached these challenges, and how they stay organized.

Speakers describe their experiences forming coalitions, recruiting participants, and setting up successful structures. Hear from:

  • Dr. Mary Meengs, medical director, Humboldt Independent Practice Association
  • Rosemary Den Ouden, chief operating officer, Humboldt Independent Practice Association
  • Linda Bridgeman Smith, DUI/Prevention Services Program Manager, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency

A recording of the event and the presentation slides are available below.


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