Action Groups

CIN action groups are micro networks that connect organizations to explore and experiment with new ideas in care delivery and to put them into practice. Check here often to learn about new action groups as they form.

Ready to accelerate your work? Action groups are designed to support what you're already working on through coaching from expert faculty, networking with peers tasked with the same issue, and focused training to help you reach your improvement goal.

Unlike a traditional collaborative, an action group is formed and guided by the needs of its participants and is focused on achieving measurable change on a specific problem during a limited amount of time. Action groups are designed to keep participants motivated, overcome barriers to change, and capitalize on group sharing to give the work you do on a daily basis a big boost. Whether you are in the development, implementation, or spread phase, consider joining an action group to get help along the way.

CHCF plans to facilitate up to three action groups per year organized around topic areas or care delivery problems that have broad impact because small groups, acting in concert, can have a huge impact on health care delivery in California.

Benefits of Participation

  • Accelerate or strengthen your specific initiative or program
  • Receive support from peers and consultants with expertise in clinical, administrative, and financial improvement
  • Leverage the experience of multiple leading-edge organizations working on the same problem or issue
  • Gain access to resources and strategies
  • Share information about your organization's approach with others, raising the profile of your work and serving as a model from which others can learn

Expectations of Participants

  • Identify a lead to serve as the key contact and coordinator
  • Participate in monthly group conference calls or webinars, maintaining a spirit of collaborative learning that features open sharing of practical approaches, data, successes, challenges, and outcomes
  • Commit to applying lessons from the action group to your work
  • Contribute to the documentation of lessons learned

Action Group: Variations in Care

CIN's first action group focused on approaches to addressing variation in clinical practice. Participating organizations included DaVita HealthCare Partners, Humboldt-Del Norte IPA and Foundation for Medical Care, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sutter Health, and UCLA Health System. Working in Concert: A How-To Guide to Reducing Unwarranted Variations in Care was the result of nine months of phone and in-person meetings that explored lessons from pioneers in the field.

Action Group: Creating a Culture of Safe Prescribing

CHCF sought family medicine and internal medicine residency programs to join an action group focused on safe prescribing practices for opioid-dependent patients. See the selected programs.

Stay tuned for information on other action groups.

If you are interested in learning more or have an idea for a new action group, contact Rebecca Hargreaves.