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Maternity Care in California: Delivering the Data (Charts)

July 2016

One in eight US births takes place in California. How is this state doing on maternity care measures, and how does California perform compared to the nation?

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May 2016
After five years of slow growth, US health spending grew by 5.3% in 2014, as more Americans gained coverage under the ACA. See the full report for more data on national health spending.
March 2016
One year after implementation of the ACA, millions of Californians remain uninsured. This report shares data on the state's uninsured and their income levels, work status, ethnicity, and ability to access care.
January 2016
The health care safety net comprises a patchwork of programs and providers that serve low-income Californians. How have policy changes affected their services?
November 2015
Some hospitals perform one or two brain cancer surgeries; others do hundreds. Small volumes can mean greater risk of poor patient outcomes. See the numbers for 11 cancers at hospitals across California.
August 2015
In California nearly 135,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year, yet little is known about how much is spent on treatment of this disease. This report provides Medicare spending estimates for the top four cancers in the state.
August 2015
Charts are displayed in the order presented in the original report. See California Hospitals: An Evolving Environment for complete text, data sources, and appendices.
August 2015
The overall capacity of California's acute care hospitals remained fairly stable over the decade from 2004 to 2013, although there was regional variation. This report looks at the state's hospitals in terms of supply, use of services, finances, and quality.
April 2015
This Almanac report looks at five major chronic conditions and how each affects Californians.
April 2015
The majority of Californians rely on their employers for health insurance, but many with workplace-sponsored coverage are faced with reduced benefits and increased costs.
March 2015
Are Californians getting the care they need? This survey shows that some groups are having a more difficult time accessing care than others.

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