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California Nurses: Taking the Pulse (Charts)

March 2014

Registered nurses comprise the largest health profession in California, numbering more than 300,000 as of 2012. This overview of the state's nursing workforce looks at supply and demographics, education, distribution, and compensation.

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California Physicians: Surplus or Scarcity? (Charts)

March 2014
California's physician population has grown over the past 20 years. This report describes the current market landscape for physician services in the state, including supply, physician demographics, education, and compensation.

California Employer Health Benefits Survey: Workers Feel the Pinch (Charts)

January 2014
California workers are less likely to be offered employer-based coverage than in recent years, according to this survey, and workers who are covered pay more in premiums and cost sharing.

California's Uninsured: By the Numbers (Charts)

December 2013
Who are California's uninsured? This annual Almanac report provides data on those who are uninsured and their income levels, work status, age, and ethnicity.

Monitoring Performance: A Dashboard of Medi-Cal Managed Care (Charts)

December 2013
This first publicly reported dashboard of Medi-Cal managed care shows areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Health Information Technology in California: Milestones and Miles to Go (Charts)

November 2013
On the road to health IT adoption and use, California physicians, hospitals, and community health centers have made progress since 2005. Also read consumer perspectives on the topic.

Quality of Care: Steps in the Right Direction (Charts)

October 2013
Serious racial and ethnic disparities persist in the delivery of health care in California, but a wide array of measures indicate improvements.

Health Care Costs 101 (Charts)

September 2013
While the US continues to spend a greater percentage of GDP on health care than any other industrialized nation, the 2011 increase bucked historical trends, according to the latest Health Care Costs 101.

Long Term Care in California: Ready for Tomorrow's Seniors? (Charts)

August 2013
The number of elderly residents in California is expected to balloon in the next decades. Will the state's long term care system be able to care for its aging population?

Mental Health Care in California: Painting a Picture (Charts)

July 2013
Many Californians with mental illness don't get the treatment they need. This Almanac report focuses on prevalence, care delivery, and cost.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Big Business, Little Data (Charts)

June 2013
A growing number of Californians are being sent to ambulatory surgery centers for a wide variety of procedures, yet little is known about the care they deliver.

Medi-Cal Facts and Figures: A Program Transforms (Charts)

May 2013
Medi-Cal is the main source of health insurance for one in five Californians. This report provides an overview of the program's key features, describes how the program is evolving, and examines the challenges ahead.

California's Health Care Safety Net: A Complex Web (Charts)

April 2013
California's health care safety net is a complex web of programs and providers that serve low-income, uninsured residents. See a snapshot before health reform takes full effect.

California Health Plans and Insurers (Charts)

March 2013
Private health insurers covered two-thirds of all Californians and brought in $111 billion in revenue in 2011. This report examines enrollment, market share, financial performance, and consumer satisfaction ahead of health reform.

California Hospitals: Buildings, Beds, and Business (Charts)

January 2013
California's acute care hospitals experienced capacity changes between 2001 and 2010. Most have adjusted to economic stresses and many have improved their financial status.

Covering Kids: Children's Health Insurance in California (Charts)

November 2012
Compared to the nation, more of California's children have public health coverage and fewer have coverage through their parents' work. This Almanac report looks at trends in children's coverage.

One Million Lives: Cancer in California (Charts)

June 2012
A great deal is known about who gets cancer and who dies from it, but little data exists on the quality and cost of cancer care in California. This CHCF Almanac report looks at what we know in our state.

Medi-Cal at a Crossroads: What Enrollees Say About the Program (Charts)

May 2012
A CHCF survey finds Medi-Cal enrollees are largely pleased with the service they receive, but access and enrollment issues could spell challenges ahead.

Health Care Costs 101: California Addendum (Charts)

May 2012
California ranked among the lowest in the nation for per-capita health spending in 2009. Still, the total was $230 billion. This addendum to Health Care Costs 101 breaks it down.

California's Rural Health Clinics: Obstacles and Opportunities (Charts)

March 2012
California's 271 rural health clinics are key providers of primary care to elderly and low-income populations. This report presents an overview of the patients they serve and the obstacles they face.

Speaking Their Mind: Californians' Perceptions of Health Care (Charts)

March 2012
Californians are increasingly concerned about the cost and accessibility of their health care. This report looks at what consumers know about their coverage, and what drives their health care decisions.

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