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The CHCF Almanac regularly publishes data and analysis on California's health care market.

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Health insurance is the primary vehicle for obtaining access to medical care and for reimbursing the providers who deliver it. CHCF analyzes health coverage trends, looking at employer-sponsored coverage as well as public programs, while tracking data on the state's uninsured residents.

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The Private Insurance Market in California, 2013

February 2015

More than half of Californians get their health insurance through private carriers. This infographic shows how the largest plans stack up in terms of enrollment and revenue.

California Health Insurers: Brink of Change

February 2015

California's insurance market is set to undergo enormous changes as health reform takes full effect and millions become eligible for public insurance or private subsidies.

Medical Loss Ratio Resources

February 2015

The medical loss ratio (MLR) is the percent of premium that health insurers spend on medical care and quality improvement activities. Three documents discuss the MLR and how it is used.

California Employer Health Benefits Survey: Workers Feel the Pinch

January 2014

California workers are less likely to be offered employer-based coverage than in recent years, according to this survey, and workers who are covered pay more in premiums and cost sharing.

California's Uninsured: By the Numbers

December 2013

Who are California's uninsured? This annual Almanac report provides data on those who are uninsured and their income levels, work status, age, and ethnicity.

Medi-Cal Facts and Figures: A Program Transforms

May 2013

Medi-Cal is the main source of health insurance for one in five Californians. This report provides an overview of the program's key features, describes how the program is evolving, and examines the challenges ahead.

The Private Insurance Market in California, 2011

March 2013

More than two-thirds of Californians get their health insurance through private carriers. This infographic shows how the largest plans stack up in terms of enrollment and revenue.

Covering Kids: Children's Health Insurance in California

November 2012

Compared to the nation, more of California's children have public health coverage and fewer have coverage through their parents' work. This Almanac report looks at trends in children's coverage.

Speaking Their Mind: Californians' Perceptions of Health Care

March 2012

Californians are increasingly concerned about getting and paying for health care. This report looks at what consumers know about their coverage and what drives their medical decisions.

California's Health Insurance Coverage Quick Reference Guide

May 2010

This guide provides key statistics about sources of coverage and characteristics of employer-based coverage, including premiums and consumer cost sharing, as well as coverage rates for various demographic groups under private or public insurance.

Denti-Cal Facts and Figures

May 2010

This overview documents the difficulties faced by beneficiaries in California's Medicaid dental program. It highlights key trends and statistics ranging from utilization to expenditures.