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The CHCF Almanac regularly publishes data and analysis on California's health care market.


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Cost and Quality

Californians have access to the latest and most expensive health care in the world. Yet disappointing gaps can occur between the quality of care that has been advanced by modern medicine and the quality that the average patient receives. CHCF analyzes market dynamics in the area of cost and quality.

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Californians with the Top Chronic Conditions: 11 Million and Counting

April 2015

Chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease are taking a toll on our state. This Almanac report looks at how five major diseases affect Californians.

Survey Says: Californians' Perspectives on Health Care

March 2015

Are Californians getting the care they need? This survey shows that some groups are having a more difficult time accessing care than others.

Quality of Care: Signals of Change

November 2014

Over the last few years, the quality of health care in California has improved on a number of measures. However, significant racial and ethnic disparities persist in some areas.

US Health Care Spending: Who Pays?

July 2014

In the past 50 years, the way health care is financed has changed, with private payers and public insurance paying for more care. This interactive graphic shows who paid for the nation's health care and how much it cost.

Health Care Costs 101

July 2014

The picture of US health spending in 2012 was restrained. It marks the fourth straight year of historically low growth — only 3.7% — and no increase in health care's share of the economy.

Mental Health Care in California: Painting a Picture

July 2013

Many Californians with mental illness don't get the treatment they need. This Almanac report focuses on prevalence, care delivery, and cost.

One Million Lives: Cancer in California

June 2012

A great deal is known about who gets cancer and who dies from it, but little data exist on the quality and cost of cancer care in California. This CHCF Almanac report looks at what we know in our state.

Health Care Spending in California: Who Pays?

May 2012

California ranked among the lowest in the nation for per capita health spending in 2009. Still, the total was $230 billion.